Central Office Directory

Superintendent's Office
Holly Hageman Superintendent of Schools
Pamela Hensel Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Finance Office
Jason Lathrop Director of Fiscal Operations (Interim)
Maria Roche Administrative Assistant
Gail Griffin Account Clerk
Aileen Kosecki Accounts Payable
Amber White Payroll

Facilities Office
John Mercier Director of Operations
Karen Vecchitto Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations
Rob Albert Lead Maintenance

Food Service Office
Sharon Shettleworth Director of Food Services

Technology Office
John Mercier Director of Operations
Denis Recchia Lead IT Technician
Brett Tracanna District IT Technician
Ronnie Ellison District IT Technician

Student Service Office
Kris Lindsay Director of Student Services
Tonya Gorgone Student Service Coordinator
Beth LiPuma Administrative Assistant

HK Cubs Child Care Center
Kelly Camporeale Director of HK Cubs Day Care